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Deadline extended for release through audio-visual media service providers or platforms

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Order CUD/807/2020, of 27th August, has extended the period established for considering the commercial release of a film by certain audio-visual media services or programme catalogues

As a result of the health situation, and given that restrictions on cinema seating persist, the Ministry of Culture and Sport has approved the extension of the deadline until 31st January 2021 for films to be released through audio-visual media service providers or platforms, equating it with a commercial cinema release.

In this way, and in accordance with the provisions of Order CUD/807/2020, the period established in Article 10.1 of Royal Decree Law 17/2020, of 5th May, initially planned to 31st August 2020, the producer is granted a break that would allow him to adjust the budget for copies and advertising, since given the restrictions on seating and the insecurity that exists on the part of the spectator to visit the cinema, there would be a doubtful economic return for the latter.

You can download the full PDF file here.

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