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Companies predict mass layoffs from October 1st

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Alfredo Aspra explains that there are sectors with a very serious lack of definition for the future and therefore regulations that can contribute to maintaining employment are urgently needed in El Economista

The delay in the negotiations for the extension of the Furlough (ERTE) Schemes, which expire on 30th September, puts companies on the verge of mass redundancies and restructuring due to a lack of strategy. According to several specialists, the salvation of many of the companies that are still in this situation requires the implementation of a de-escalation tool for these Furlough Schemes.

"It is urgent for us to know the new text of the regulations", says lawyer  Alfredo Aspra, partner of the Andersen Employment Practise. "There are sectors such as the aviation industry or those most closely linked to tourism and leisure that are in a very serious situation of uncertainty", he explains. "For all these companies, if they do not continue to be provided with measures that can contribute to the maintenance of employment, the wave of restructuring that will begin afterwards may be unprecedented", he adds.

The full article can be read in El Economista.

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