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Anglo-Saxon law firms set their sights on Spain

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Jaime Olleros speaks to the El País newspaper on the arrival of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, in a report that analyses the entry of more U.S. and British firms through alliances with Spanish firms, motivated by good connections with Latin America (a priority market) and the economic growth experienced by the country in recent years

El País | The managing partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, Jaime Olleros, collaborates in an article published in the El País newspaper in which it is highlighted that Spain continues to be an attractive place for international law firms, especially Anglo-Saxon ones. Thus, the article points out that recently there has been the arrival of Fieldfisher, but it is not the only one. The last two years have also seen the arrival of the American Andersen Tax & Legal and the British Pinsent Masons. The first one entered our country incorporating Olleros Abogados into its structure. The second opted for the opening of its own office, which was nurtured by incorporating a team from the Ramón y Cajal office.

As it becomes apparent, it is clear that unions such as Fieldfisher-Jausas or Andersen-Olleros satisfy complementary interests. On the one hand, the foreign firm manages to enter a new jurisdiction without having to face the very expensive process of opening offices and signing up local lawyers. In addition, it starts by inheriting the reputation and client portfolio of the acquired organization, two key factors for success in the sector.

"What's in it for the local firm? The connection and cross-selling with other countries; being part of a better known and recognised brand; and giving an international career to our professionals," replies Jaime Olleros. Although it may seem minor, the last aspect is very relevant because a good lawyer is very difficult to retain.


You could read the article in El País or download it on the following link.

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