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Andersen's roadmap to reconquer Europe

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Our managing partner, José Vicente Morote, in an interview with the firm's European co-managing partner, Andrea De Vecchi, analyzes in El Confidencial the strong commitment of Andersen in Europe and the goals and objectives that have been achieved within the ambitious growth plan in the last few years.

Andersen is one of the Spanish law firms that has shown the greatest ambition for growth in recent years. Since 2018 Andersen has tripled in size, reaching 19th place in the latest top 25 of El Confidencial. José Vicente Morote and Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, who are working towards the goal of becoming one of the top 10 in the national legal market. A goal they hope to achieve "in two or three years", as they stated in a recent interview with this newspaper.

Andersen's progress in Spain, however, is not only due to the drive of the management team led by Morote and Rodríguez-Sastre. The organisation's European and global strategy and medium-term objective is for Andersen to become one of the top five professional services firms in the world. As its co-managing partner in Europe, Andrea de Vecchi, explains, their roadmap includes being able to offer its clients the widest range of services, as the Big Four do, but with the specialisation and quality of a legal and tax boutique. This, without ruling out the incorporation of other services that can give a qualitative leap in its approach to clients.

Following the resurgence of the brand on the other side of the Atlantic, the firm opened its first two offices in Europe in 2013. A decade later, it is present in 40 countries and its organisation is made up of 450 partners, 2,400 professionals and has 24 service lines in operation. 

"Geographically, we have established ourselves in all jurisdictions. What we need to do is to grow in some of them, such as Germany, where we need to be much stronger, and in England, where we are satisfied with Tax, but where we want to develop the Legal branch. Likewise, in France we are in the process of consolidating our collaboration agreement with Squair, a very interesting alliance that we hope will give the best results", explains De Vecchi, in conversation with El Confidencial, during his stay in Madrid on the meeting of the firm's European Corporate/M&A team, a meeting that brought together in the Madrid office more than a hundred Andersen professionals, of up to 20 nationalities.

José Vicente Morote stresses that the law firm model to which Andersen aspires is far from that of the big American or British firms. "We want to be a full-service client firm, not a transactional firm," he explains. "We don't want Employment or Privacy to be areas of support for the big operation, but rather large teams, capable of generating and developing their own matters. But, he emphasises, with a level of specialisation and sophistication, and with the proximity to the client that boutiques provide. 

You can see the full article in El Confidencial.

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