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Andersen Tax & Legal celebrates a conference on the changes and challenges in labour matters in 2019 and the concept of collaborative economy

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The conference highlighted the lack of legal clarity in the new collaborative economy business model

Andersen Tax & Legal has held a conference on changes and challenges in labour matters for 2019 and Collaborative Economy. The presentation was given by Pablo Santos and Judith Casas, senior partner and associate, respectively, of the Labour Department of Andersen Tax & Legal.

Throughout the day, the recently approved laws on labour matters and with direct application in companies were discussed. Pablo Santos pointed out that "the impact of new technologies is unstoppable and has considerably affected labour schemes. Therefore, we must not forget the obligations of companies, such as the protection of employee data and digital rights in the workplace, in the face of this new and changing scenario."

Specifically, the effect of the new Organic Law on Data Protection in labour matters, the right to digital disconnection, the legal aspects of teleworking and the law on professional secrets, among others, have been analysed.

During the event, the concept of collaborative economy was also analysed; the new business model of services to third parties through websites or mobile applications. Judith Casas analysed the different existing sentences and expressed the need for a legal clarification of the concept of "worker", with the aim of defining this new business model.

After the presentation, attendees had the opportunity to raise their questions about these developments and enjoy a networking breakfast between all companies and guests participating. 


You could read the full article in Lawyerpress.

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