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Andersen Tax & Legal advises Impar Grupo in the purchase of a building to build 30 homes in the center of Madrid

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The firm provides tax and mercantile advice in this operation by the real estate firm

Andersen Tax & Legal has advised Impar Grupo, both in the tax and mercantile field, in the real estate investment operation consisting of the purchase of a building for its rehabilitation and future construction of 30 dwellings, located in Galileo Street, in the Chamberí district of Madrid. The amount of the operation was 6,5 million euros, which will be added to the investment that the group will make in the referred rehabilitation of the building, up to 12 million euros that the project will entail.

Impar Grupo is a recognized Architecture and Construction Management firm, with experience in the management of real estate projects in Spain and Latin America, as well as in the structuring of investment vehicles, through which important investors from those countries participate jointly in those projects. Since 2013 it has developed several real estate projects in our country with an investment that for the current fiscal year 2019 is already at approximately 120 million, 40 million more than last year.

This investment includes, apart from the operation of Galileo Street, four other projects currently under construction by the group in Madrid that will add up to more than 70 homes located in the main streets of Madrid, such as Francisco de Rojas, Barquillo, Fuencarral and Núñez de Balboa (whose comprehensive rehabilitation project aims to make the building one of the most emblematic of the group), Andersen Tax & Legal has participated as an advisor to Grupo Impar in the respective investment processes and execution of all the aforementioned real estate projects.

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