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Andersen gains momentum in Seville with the incorporation of Pérez Moreno Abogados

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This formalizes the integration in Andersen Global of the renowned law firm specialized in Administrative Law in an event with more than 200 people.

Andersen Tax & Legal celebrated the event of incorporation of Pérez Moreno Abogados in Andersen Global in an event at the Alfonso XIII Hotel in Seville, which was attended by more than 200 people and in which the momentum that the firm has taken in the Andalusian capital was demonstrated. After one year of its opening, the firm now has more than 20 professionals covering all areas of law.

The event was attended by the managing partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain, Jaime Olleros, the director of the firm in the Seville office, José Manuel Pumar, the founding partner of Pérez Moreno Abogados, Alfonso Pérez Moreno, and the partners of this firm, Eloísa and Antonio-Alfonso Pérez Andrés, together with clients, colleagues and prominent representatives of the legal sector, civil society and academia.

During his speech, Jaime Olleros stressed "that the objective of the firm has always been to be in all business law practices, seeking excellence and new horizons" and thus stressed that "the decision to open a firm in Seville a year ago was clear by the need to grow incorporating better structures and capabilities for offering a better service to our clients.

At this point, he maintained that the Seville team has done a great job this year and that the incorporation of Pérez Moreno Abogados, which forms part of the Public Law department of the firm led by José Vicente Morote, represents a turning point for Andersen by adding greater capabilities to the area, while Andersen provides Pérez Moreno with both national coverage - with offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao - and international coverage - with more than 140 offices in 52 countries - and other legal practices, which are in many cases complementary to public law.

The managing partner of Andersen Tax & Legal in Spain stressed Andersen's values of commitment, closeness and excellence, as part of the DNA of all the professionals who make up the firm and as a pillar that allows maintaining the sustainability of the firm.

Eloísa Pérez spoke in the same terms and assured that both firms share the idea that it is essential to practice law from the specialization and close and committed treatment with the client, while noting that Andersen allows to integrate firms with highly qualified professionals, respecting the characteristics of each of them to add to the project.

For his part, Antonio-Alfonso Pérez analysed the future challenges of Administrative Law, the firm's area of specialisation, and remarked that "the intervention of the Administration in all sectors of economic activity cannot be replaced on a massive scale and in all cases by the phenomenon of self-regulation, nor can general interests be left to the good work of private markets, since the protection of the same by the Administration objectively forms a key piece of a modern Democratic State of Law".

The founding partner of Pérez Moreno Abogados, Alfonso Pérez Moreno, referred to the regulatory changes and opportunities in the area of the environment and, specifically, in renewable energies, especially in Andalusia where regulation has always been a pioneer and the sector takes on special importance. In his opinion, there is still a need for improvement in both laws and procedures. "Public Law needs to redeem itself from the challenge of loss of meaning," he said.

On the other hand, the partner of Andersen Tax & Legal and director of the Seville office, José Manuel Pumar, highlighted the evolution of the firm in Seville, which began with 7 professionals a year ago and now totals nearly 20, covering all areas of law and with the firm goal of continuing to grow.

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