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Andersen chooses José Vicente Morote as Managing Partner of the firm in Iberia

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Morote assumes the highest responsibility of the Firm alone for a four-year term, during which he will serve as Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors | The General Partners' Meeting also agreed to renew the members of the Board of Directors for the 2024-2028 period

The Andersen General Partners’ Meeting has unanimously approved the election of José Vicente Morote as Managing Partner of the Firm in Iberia, who thus assumes the highest position of the organization alone after three years in co-direction, while he has also been re-elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The appointment has been agreed by the General Meeting of Partners, which has also approved the renewal of the Board of Directors, which is now composed of José Vicente Morote (Chairman), Ignacio Aparicio (Vice-Chairman), Ivo Portabales, Benjamín Prieto, Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre and Joaquín Ureña, in addition to Patricia Motilla, who is joining this body for the first time, replacing Javier Mata, who will maintain his position as Senior Partner.

At the meeting, Andersen's partners decided to elect Morote to lead the new term on the basis of his professional trajectory, both in the practice of law and in the management of the Firm. The Partners, in the words of Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, agreed that Morote, who holds a Doctorate in Law from the University of Bologna, "apart from having impeccable legal criteria, represents the pillars of Andersen's culture and the values of commitment and quality that define the Firm, and has developed a great work based on effort and the principles of ethics and transparency".

José Vicente Morote thanked all the partners of Andersen for their support during this period and for the trust placed in him to lead this new mandate, which he assumes "with great enthusiasm and with the certainty of having an extraordinary team that will allow us to advance in our objectives of continuous improvement while respecting Andersen's values and culture". To this end, he said, the Firm's management will present in the coming weeks the new Strategic Plan 2024-2028, which will set the guidelines and challenges for this new mandate. The previous one of 2021 was exceeded in its objectives long before its planned four-year term.

Morote has highlighted the work and effort of the entire Board of Directors, and of his Co-managing Partner until now, Íñigo Rodríguez-Sastre, during the last three years, in which "the Firm has experienced an unprecedented leap in quality, culminating the process of institutionalization of the Firm. For this leap in quality, we have had the collaboration of an excellent Board of Directors and therefore the composition of the new Board is, to a large extent, continuity. In addition to the Board Members, we have benefited from the contributions of all the members, both those who were already members and those who have recently joined us, in this process of permanent improvement. And all of this within the framework of a great Firm culture and the legacy of the best service firm in history, Arthur Andersen".


José Vicente Morote has been Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Andersen Iberia since January 2021 and responsible for the Public and Regulatory Law department for Spain and Portugal since 2013. Internationally, he is one of the people with the greatest weight in the organization worldwide as a member of Andersen's Global Board and Leadership Committee, as well as a member of the European Board, the European Management Committee, and Director of the legal area for Andersen Europe.

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