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Andersen and S2 Group consolidate a strategic alliance and shape Cybersecurity Smart Compliance

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It proposes a new way of conceiving "compliance" in cybersecurity that makes it possible to identify legal and operational risks and to protect the company comprehensively in this area

The Valencian company S2 Grupo, which specialises in cyber security and critical systems management, and Andersen, an international firm with a presence in more than 100 countries, have sealed a strategic alliance to provide companies with a real solution that will enable them to comply with all legislation that has a strong technological component in cyber security. 

In this way, this decisive area of corporate responsibility is avoided in an uncoordinated manner. This new approach makes it possible to offer integral and coherent solutions that enable the company to protect itself in the digital environment and ensure adequate regulatory compliance that protects the company from all types of legal responsibilities.

This alliance between the two entities gives shape to a concept, "Cybersecurity Smart Compliance", which, in short, is a way of tackling legal and technological problems in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, allowing companies to face their legal challenges in this field, taking into account both the legal and technological dimensions of the hand of two companies of reference in their field. 

The term "compliance" encompasses all the procedures and good practices that companies put in place to identify the possible legal and operational risks they face and to protect the company at all levels of criminal, administrative or civil liability. In this sense, the combination of the most advanced technological solutions with the most rigorous legal expertise results in an intelligent way of dealing with regulatory compliance in an area that is already experiencing a strong increase in the level of regulation as a result of the priorities set by the European Union in terms of digitalisation. 

In relation to this matter, the Organic Law 5/2010 of the Reform of the Criminal Code established the criminal liability of legal entities in Spain.

"All this has been complicated by the irruption of legislation with an enormous technological base. Therefore, this alliance is of great importance, as it will allow our clients to apply and combine the great experience and know-how of S2 Grupo in the field of technological auditing and that of Andersen in the legal aspect", said José Rosell, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"Compliance has been a major handicap for companies up to now because it cannot be answered by the legal field alone and requires going hand in hand with the technical dimension. That is why, through this union, we will offer a complete legal-technological solution that will allow requirements to be met globally", stressed Miguel A. Juan, managing partner of S2 Grupo.

"In recent years we have seen the consolidation of a new compliance focused on the regulatory framework for cybersecurity. This is a variable that companies, and especially boards of directors, must bear in mind in terms of regulatory compliance in accordance with what has been established at European and national level. A policy in this respect must be one of the priorities of any company at this time of accelerated digital transformation", said Benjamín Prieto, Partner at Andersen. 

"Cybersecurity must become a priority in this new digital context as governments and international organisations are pointing out: achieving an adequate level of cybersecurity is an unavoidable obligation in the framework of the new regulation. It must be understood as an opportunity to reduce the impact, the legal responsibilities of cybercriminals and the associated costs, such as reputation. It must, in short, become a competitive advantage," stressed Vicente Moret, Of Counsel to Andersen and Counsel to the Spanish Parliament.

About S2 Grupo

S2 Group is a company specialised in the development and provision of products and services related to cyber security and critical systems management. Its aim is to guarantee processes and protect the most valuable asset of companies and public bodies: information. 

The company closed 2019 with a turnover of 18.2 million euros, which meant a growth of more than 20% with respect to the previous year, and a staff of 356 employees. Since its creation in 1999, S2 Group has become a reference in the security environment on an international scale. Its clients include leading companies in the Distribution, Energy, Banking and Insurance, Healthcare, Industry and Public Administration sectors.

The company has its headquarters in Madrid and its 24x7 Service Centre is located in Valencia. It also has offices in Barcelona, Brussels, Lisbon, Bogotá and Mexico City.

About Andersen

Andersen is an international firm providing legal and tax services in over 200 locations in 100 countries worldwide through Andersen Global. In Spain it has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville, from where it advises its clients, accompanying them in their national and international projects. The more than 250 professionals and 40 partners that make up the team offer services in all branches of law, providing a high degree of specialisation and experience that has led to distinction in important international directories.

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