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Andersen and CSV join forces to strengthen Smart Compliance

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The new service enables companies to ensure rational compliance with their legal obligations

Andersen has sealed a strategic alliance with CSV Consulting, an expert firm in compliance software, to strengthen the Smart Compliance practice with which they respond to the need of companies to have a comprehensive service that allows them to ensure the rational compliance of legal, organizational and technical risks of their corporations.

The linking of both firms allows them to broaden the range of risks covered by Smart Compliance, offering a real solution for the control of software legal risks, which is currently the second concern of systems departments.

Benjamín Prieto, Partner at Andersen, has highlighted that "all companies move in a digital environment, which forces them to establish strong security measures that guarantee the operation of the company and the control of their data and systems, while they are forced to tighten their protocols to comply with the regulations that not only apply in case of incidents, but also contemplate the prevention of risks and also establish important economic sanctions and criminal liabilities for legal persons".

"This alliance between Andersen and CSV joins the project initiated between the firm and S2 Grupo to consolidate a unique legal-technological solution in the market that combines experience and know-how, with advice on legislative compliance, technological service and software auditing. This allows us to offer a comprehensive response to the creation and use of systems from a technological perspective and ensuring compliance with the numerous obligations established in both the national and European frameworks", said Prieto.

Carlos Garmendia, CEO of CSV, argued that "software control is more important now than ever, as the very continuity of the company and its responsibility depend on it. In fact, the very processes of control and cybersecurity of corporations depend on good software governance, so that vulnerabilities can have a knock-on impact. Thanks to this alliance, we are in a position to link software compliance protocols to organisations' Corporate Compliance programmes, generating protection models based on good software governance".

The importance of software compliance management systems as models of good governance is the best guarantee in terms of Board of Directors' responsibility and is demanded by the regulatory framework and increased by new and growing European and national regulations.

Specifically, the Royal Decree on the security of networks and information systems approved on 26 January, which develops the 2018 regulation and establishes many new obligations for service operators in the field of information networks and systems.

of new obligations for operators of essential services and digital service providers, or the draft Digital Operational Resilience Regulation (DORA), which introduces new control requirements for the financial sector regarding ICT operators.

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