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All companies must negotiate with the trade unions

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Alfredo Aspra analyses if the company should go to the unions in an article published in El Economista

Small and medium-sized enterprises and employment consultants consider the system of negotiation established by the Government for the return of hours not worked for recoverable paid leave (PRR), in which active workers not included in essential services or temporary lay-offs (Erte) are included, to be an "abusive" concession by the Government to the trade unions. For all the lawyers and social graduates consulted, this is the largest operation to unionize companies in the history of Spain. It is eight working days that they must negotiate how companies and workers are to be recovered, with a deadline of 31 December 2020 and respecting the provisions of the Workers' Statute (WS).

Alfredo Aspra, partner in charge of the Employment Law area of Andersen Tax & Legal, considers that any company must go to the main unions in their sector and if these do not listen, then set up the committee with the company's workers, but "even the smallest companies must contact the unions".

You can see the full article in the Buen Gobierno, Iuris&lex y RSC magazine of El Economista. 

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