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Agri-food Insights | November 2021

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Latest developments impacting on the agri-food sector, specifically the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), new amendments to the Food Chain Act, new trends in investment and profitability, among others.

The agri-food sector continues to go through turbulent times. After the pandemic and the difficulties faced in increasing production and avoiding shortages, this year has seen a tsunami of regulations which, in certain areas, has forced them to change the rules of the game and, in others, to adapt in order to be efficient, profitable and maintain their business.

The year is coming to its final stretch with the Chain Law in the Senate, the Draft Bill on Food Waste in the process of public consultation, the Strategic Plans of the member countries for accessing the CAP about to be finalised in order to present them to the European Commission on time, the application of Nutriscore being planned and the negotiations of trade agreements with third countries on the table.

Regulatory changes that coexist with new trends in the industry and which present the sector with new challenges and which the Andersen Agri-Food team continues to address in order to offer a cross-cutting perspective and support the promotion of the sector. To this end, we are launching a new edition of Actualidad Agroalimentaria, in which we analyse all the issues that will condition the development of agribusiness in the coming months and years:

  • Legal disputes in the face of the Food Chain Law
  • CAP agreement 2023-2027: new rules
  • New trends: profitability in crops and investment funds
  • Mercosur: the difficult challenge of meeting demand without harming the farmer
  • The sector, attentive to the arrival of Nutriscore
  • Recognition of the GI for Serrano Ham and segregation in the DOCa Rioja
  • Protection of plant varieties
  • Circular economy: new obligations for the agri-food sector

You can download the magazine here or see it in full screen here


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