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A suspicion of contagion is not enough to leave the workplace

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Alfredo Aspra analyzes the legal keys of how to deal with the coronavirus in a report published today by El Economista

The situation created by the coronavirus is putting Spanish employment legislation to the test, as well as that of prevention of occupational risks, without forgetting the limitations posed by the data protection law when handling names and situations of risk of contagion in the workplace. On the obligations of the workers and the company, the possibilities of carrying out teleworking or who and how the decision not to go to the workplace is taken, we talked to four outstanding lawyers.

Can you stop going to work?

Alfredo Aspra, Andersen Tax & Legal partner considers that, in principle, a mere suspicion is not justified cause for absence from work if the company does not take the measure. A risk assessment must be carried out, because otherwise one cannot speak of unjustified absence and, to an extreme, even abandonment of the job. The risk assessment must be requested from the company's mutual insurance company.

You can see the full report in El Economista.

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