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Data Protection

Andersen Tax & Legal provides specialized services in compliance with national (LOPD and its development regulation) and European regulations (new regulation) as well as in the new protocol of international data transfer, the Privacy Shield or the Model Clauses, to which US-based companies that will receive data from European citizens will be required to adhere.

The novelties in regulation that will enter into force on May 2018 include penalties of up to 4% of the company’s annual turnover, being therefore crucial for all industries to adapt to this regulation with the top specialists as soon as possible. It is essential to outline the obligation imposed by the European regulation on certain companies to incorporate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) which will be frequently outsourced by most companies for cost and efficiency reasons.

After the latest amendment of the Criminal Code, this area will play an important role because of the corporate criminal liability.

Monetization of Big data

Data has become one of the most valuable assets for companies as evidenced by the growth in revenues derived from their monetization, increasing in Spain more than 40% each year.

Data mining, behavioral analysis of IP addresses, their locations and profiling make it possible to analyze and segment users and clients to provide them with content, products, services and advertising that are truly relevant to them in order to obtain tailor-made products based on data science in the future. The aim is clear: to monetize this asset in accordance with the best legal advice and strategy to comply with current regulations.


  • Regulatory Compliance at national, community and multi-jurisdictional level.
  • Company adaptation to European Regulation.
  • Training courses on data protection and adaptation to European Regulation.
  • Externalization of the DPO for companies.
  • International data transfers, including compliance with Privacy Shield and Model Clauses.
  • Revision of web pages and compliance audits with data protection regulation.
  • Drafting of clauses and privacy policies, information about cookies and system implementations to obtain consent for all types of web pages and online platforms. 
  • Advice on development of data science and big data in compliance with current legislation.
  • Advice on user knowledge and profiling in compliance with current legislation.
  • Analysis of SDK behaviour in compliance with current legislation.

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