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Banking, insurance, retail, and any large or medium-sized companies face the new challenges of the digital age and require legal services of a team of specialized lawyers in technology and e-business. This area aims to assist clients of any industry - analogue or digital- with excellence legal advice based on in-depth knowledge.

Our team has an extreme specialization and our services range from the drafting and the analysis of contracts, clauses and legal texts for the procurement of e-commerce technology platforms to the most complete advisory advice to fintech, insurtech, energytech or blockchain companies that are developing in banking and insurance, department stores and financial companies at an unstoppable rate.

Also, media and online content companies have been developing for years digital revenue generation models not based on advertising but on the lead conversion of user records into web pages or by means of other business models for data and/or content. In addition, consideration shall be given to the exponential growth of the new online advertising formats, which now represents the highest percentage of advertising revenues of the websites in both desktop and mobile devices. All this without losing sight of the companies that focus their business models on the collaborative economy.

Our services include, among others:


  • Outsourcing services specialized in technology and digital business.
  • Commercial contracts in the provision of technology services, platforms and digital business.
  • Expert advice on online media and social network.
  • Expert advice on legal effect of exponential technologies.
  • Acquisition, license and protection of digital contents.
  • E-commerce: technology platform contracts, service levels, website terms and conditions for consumers and users. Contracts with service providers, products and market places.
  • Protection, report and monitoring of cyber-crime, ethical hacking, advice and online troubleshooting guide.
  • Right to be forgotten and right to rectification.
  • Policies and terms of use, general terms and conditions, particular conditions, consumer and user protection.
  • Native advertising and branded content.
  • Ad serving and programmatic ad for both desktop and mobile.
  • E-sports and gaming. 
  • Online gambling, betting and Premium SMS service.
  • Fintech, insurtech, blockchain and collaborative economy.
  • Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.
  • Provision of advisory services including the provision of on-demand TV on online media.
  • Intellectual property rights in the digital environment.
  • Software contracts, mobile applications and tailor-made technological products.
  • Domain recovery and protection of web pages.
  • Technology and software: license, technology development contracts and software, confidential agreements and technology transfer agreements.

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